Our Team

At Bini’s we are genuinely committed to instructing.
Our instructors are not hour builders, they’re at Bini’s because they are committed to producing a very high quality of pilot.
Steve Pearce – CFI
Steve Pearce has been instructing for over 33 years and totals more than 27,000 hours of flying experience.
Steve is a recipient of the coveted Master Instructor Award.
Steve’s experience covers from single engine piston to multi engine jet and everything in between. With that wealth of experience, you can be assured of receiving the best practical real world operational knowledge.

Sylvia Kappl – Director of first impressions / Grade 1 Instructor
Sylvia comes to us with a wealth of experience. Sylvia has a great knowledge of Moorabbin and the Melbourne basin area. As a grade 1 instructor, Sylvia has tremendous skills in achieving objectives. Sylvia also manages our front desk and will look after any of your aviation needs.

Frank D’Agostino – Grade 1 Instructor
Frank has grown with us through the company, and has demonstrated a great standard in instructing skill.
Down to earth and very capable, Frank will take you to the next level in all your VFR flying training.
Daniel Gangemi
Daniel comes to us as a grade 3 instructor. Daniel who is the son of the owner of Peter Bini Advanced Flight Training, has been part of  Bini’s for several years
assisting us on desk and also being trained here. Daniel is available on weekends with prior notice.